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Usha madam - Hindi teacher

Usha madam was a very sexy lady. She was not thin or fat, but she had a nice voluptuous look. She had shoulder length straight hair which she tied in a ponytail. She wore sindoor in her maang, only a small bit. Her nose was sexy, with a small diamond nose pin(Nath) that shone when light fell on it. Her mouth was full and had a sexy pout. She had a round and very sexy face that you wanted to kiss and fuck in the mouth. She always wore sarees to class, mostly cotton with a thick border and almost transparent blouses that showed off her bra. Sometimes she wore chiffon sarees also, which made you want to rape her then and there. Her midriff was not flat, in fact there was a small sexy bulge around her deep navel which was round and inviting. Her midriff was full and rapable, and she loved to flaunt it. Her saree was always 2 inches below her navel, and her pallu just above it. She wore her keys in a key chain just below her navel, which clinked when she walked. her hips were round and perfect shape. She wore her saree like a model or airhostess, showing off her figure. Usha ma'am always wore sandals on her lovely feet which didn't have a strap around her ankle.They were either blue or maroon. Sometimes she wore black strappy sandals too. Her feet always looked naked and vulnerable and kissable. Her toes had silver toe rings on her middle toes. Her middle toes always thrust out of her sandals and invited me to suck them. Whenever she saw someone looking at her navel, she would draw her pallu in front, hiding it.From the side I could always see most of her midriff and the bulge just below her navel always made me want to cum on her!She was not very fair, a very sexy brown colour and her skin was smooth. Her breasts were firm and medium size- they stood firm and when she covered them with her pallu, one side was always visible. She had long beautiful fingers and toes. She always put pink or silver nail polish on her toes, making them look sweet and suckable.

I was in 12th class and hindi was not one of my subjects. But Usha ma'am was so sexy that I used to sit in the class even if we had a library period and look at her. Whenever ahe turne to write on the board, I could see her midriff and her navel was always there fo all of us to see. Boys in my class used to call her 'usha the sex bomb' and talk about masturbating thinking of her. One day, Hindi was the last period and after class, I used to be the last to leave, wanting to look at her till as late as possible. She called me and said,"tum mere class mein kyon baithe ho? tum hindi subject to nahin padte. Aur mainen tumko mere taraf dekhte hue kai baar dekha hai. "
I thought that she'd finally caught me staring at her navel and feet.
I said "No ma'am. mainen aapki taraf nahin dekha."
She said " Nahin, tum mere pet aur pairon ki taraf dekhte ho."
I said "Maam, Aap apna navel saree ke bich se dikhati ho.Aur aapke pair me pahna hua ring mujhe bahut sundar lagta hai.Aapke pair bahut sunder hain." She was shocked. She told me to sit down. By this time most of the school students had left school and it was almost empty. She said," tum mere pair choona chahte ho?" She sat down in front of me and lifted her leg up, showing her feet and sandals. her ankles and little of her calf was also seen. It was a very pretty sight.
I said,"Nahin ma'am, main aapke pair choosna aur chatna chahta hoon."
She was breathing heavily now and lifted her foot onto my lap and said "jo karna hai karo"

I took her lovely feet in my hands an caressed them. Her sandals were sexy and I stroked her straps and toes. i felt her ankles and went up to her calf. Her feet were soft and her toerings were shining and turning me on. I took her foot and put her long middle toes in my mouth. her sandals started dangling as they didn't have straps around her ankle. I sucked her toes through her straps. Her saree had stretched up her legs by now and her other leg was seen upto her knees. By now my penis was hard and was bulging out of my pants.She had moved her pallu aside and was touching her breasts and cunt over her blouse and saree. I took off her sandals and started licking her foot all over and sucking deep on her toes. She started rubbing her lovely long hands on my crotch and saying "good boy". She lifted her saree an took my hand and put it inside her saree between her legs.I felt her thighs under her petticoat and went upto her panties. It was moist. I pulled it to a side and felt her thick pubic hair and caressed it. She moaned and said"oh Maa". I said " Usha ma'am, main aapki vagina chatna chahta hoon.Lekin pahle aapke pairon ko pyar karoonga" She was breathing heavily and her hands were all over my penis, which she'd pulled out of my pants. I massaged her firm breasts and sexy midriff and put my finger inside her deep navel and she moaned and went down on her chair and opened her legs more.Her saree was now loose and her legs were naked with her petticoat upto her cunt. I pulled off her panty an saw her thick, lovely growth around her love slit. I just wanted to bury my mouth in my teacher's hairy cunt. I opened her thighs with my hands and sat down on the floor with my mouth near her juicy and wet cunt. It smelled sexy and hot. Her cunt lips were large and grey and I used my fingers to open them and saw the sweet pink heaven inside which was quivering as it waited for my tongue to ravish her. She put her lovely hands on my head and pushed me so my mouth was on her cunt lips and my tongue went inside her. Iloved the taste of my sexy teachers cunt. It was the first time that I was eating a woman's cunt and it tasted heavenly. She was wet and I felt her sticky cum on my tongue as I ate her deep inside. She was holding onto my head and guiding me as i raped her with my tongue.She kept saying "oh maa" and kept her sexy legs on my back and pushed me inside her. Then I put my fingers inside her cunt and fucked her as I kissed her lovely navel and licked her sexy midriff. I ravished her beautiful breasts with my mouth as I fucked her cunt with my fingers. She was moaning loudly now and thrusting her hips at my fingers. Suddenly she let out a scream and ground her cunt n my hand and said, " meri vagina ko chato" She wanted me to drink her hot juices as they flowed out and wet my hand and her thighs. I went down and sucked her cunt till all her cum was finished. She had cum and made me drink it. Now I wanted to fill her hot cunt with my juices. So I said " Ma'am, I want to cum inside your lovely vagina." She opened her legs wide to let me enter her lovely deep cunt.I slid my penis inside her and started humping her as I kissed her mouth, nose pin and face. She started rotating her hips as I pumped her cunt. She started moaning again and pushing my buttocks to my make me thrust harder.I loved raping my teacher like this and I said," I love you, ma'am" Her saree was open now an so was her blouse an bra. I kept thrusting inside her hot body till her moans became very loa and she stared saying"ohh maa". Then both of us came and I filled her vulva with my cum as I kissed her lovely married face. After that she got up an started wearing her saree. I kept kissing her body and saying " I love you, Ma'am.Your husband is so lucky"
She then told me that she would call me home later. and we both went home.

I saw usha ma'am in class almost every day but she did not show anything to encourage me. I kept masturbating every day thinking of fucking her lovely navel.
One day she called me in the last period and told me to help her carry some books home. She stayed close by, and I thought, this is the time for me to ravish her in her bed. So I went to her when classes were over. She was wearing a yellow cotton saree and a transparent yellow blouse, with black bra inside which could be seen through her blouse. Her saree was draped in a perfect way, like an airhostess with her navel seen where her pallu met her hips. I could see her sexy midriff from the side and her firm breast bulging under her pallu. I wanted to grab her and thrust inside her hot vulva right there. She gave me a big bundle of books and told me to go with her. Outside school she called an autorickshaw and we went to her house. When she was opening the lock at the door, she told me, my husband will be back at 7 o clock. It was 3 o clock and I had 4 hours to enjoy her lovely body. The moment she opened the door, I kept the books on the sofa and grabbed her belly from behind and said, " Usha ma'am, Im dying to rape your sweet vagina." She took my hands and put them on her breasts and said " Main sham tak tumhari patni hun. Mujhe suhaag raat dikhao" I took her tightly in my arms and said" ma'am, I love you and your body" Her breasts and her belly were pressing against me and she was holding me. I said" I want to eat your vagina, ma'am" She took me to the bedroom and sat on the edge. She opened her pallu and lay down without taking off her sandals. her blouse and belly with her deep navel were waiting for my mouth. her lovely feet were ready for being raped and her toe rings were begging me to suck them. Her lovely firm beasts were heaving and she said "mujhe pyar karo". I sat down at her feet and started licking her toes and toerings. ThenI kissed her up her legs over her saree, her thighs and on her cunt. I held her hips as I probed her deep navel with my tongue and she moaned. I licked her navel some more before i kissed her sexy midriff. I was massaging and squeezing her firm breasts as i kissed her. Her lovely hands were on my head and she was holding me as I tasted her married body. Then I put my mouth on her breasts over her blouse and she moaned. I said " Ma'am, I want to drink your milk" Then I pulled at her blouse and I tore it open, showing her sexy satin black bra and her breasts inviting me. I squeezed her breasts so hard that she cried out in pain and said,"Mera dudh piyo" I pulled her bra off and started kissing and biting her dark brown nipples which were had. She said " mere pati aise kabhi nahin karte" I then said"Ma'am, main aapke breasts ko pyar karna chahta hun" and I kissed her lovely mouth and moved upto so my penis was touching her breasts. I made her hold her breasts together and started sliding my penis between them. Her breasts felt as soft as her sweet cunt. She kept looking at my penis as it went in and out of her breasts. This was my fantasy cum true- I was fucking my sexy hindi teacher's breasts! I could see her beautiful face,her maroon lipstick and nose pin shining as she lay back and let me rape her breasts. She was also holding my balls and caressing them and saying " main tumhara pyar peena chahti hun" I suddenly came and shot all my cumm over her breasts, neck and lovely face which she wiped off with her hands and sucked. I sucked her beasts some more after that and lay down next to her.

Now she said, "Main tumhare muh mein apna juice bharna chahti hun." and she started opening her legs. She held my head and pushed it down on her thick curly pubic hair. She said, "mujhe apni jeebh se chodo. Mere pati yeh kabhi nahin karte" I started kissing her dark thick hair. She thrust her married cunt shamelessly into my face an started grinding her cunt on my face as she held my head. I stroked her love lips and her clitoris with my tongue. I put my finger inside her cunt deep inside and thrust inside her. She now made me lick and suck on her clitoris. I made her put her lovely thighs on my shoulders so I could taste and smell her bushy heaven better. She was leaking her juices now and moaning softly. My fingers were wet and I was sucking and drinking her cum. I also stroked her lovely anus with my tongue and she cried out with pleasure. She started rubbing her vulva on my face and moaning loudly. Then I said, ma'am, I want to make you pregnant. She was moaning and thrusting her hips at me and said, " meri izzat loot lo! Mujhe jor se chodo"
I went up and thrust my hard penis inside her tight married cunt. I now thrust inside her hard as I kept saying" Ma'am, I love you, I want to marry you." and she kept saying"Haan, haan" as she moaned. I was squeezing her firm breasts an hugging her tight and kissing her throat and her face, her nose pin, her lips and her maaang which was full and red with sindoor. SHe suddenly started saying, "aur jor se" and screaming and thrusting her hips hard as she came. I quickly went down to her hot cunt and sucked her cum and drank it. Then I entered her wet and loose cunt an raped her till I shot my cum deep inside her.


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