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Hubby's friend

Hello, I’m Sunitha Gupta aged 28 married with one kid. I’m housewife, my hubby works in a MNC, most of friends & relatives tell me that I look like tele serial actress Sangeetha Gosh. I have hour glass figure of 34-32-32, 5-4ft tall, I was virgin before marriage and was never included in any kind of activates before marriage. I was married at the age of 23 by my parents, even after marriage & one kid, I have maintained my figure and many look at me whenever I go out for shopping or movies.

Things were going smooth & good . I was only involved with my hubby and never tried anything outside, though I had heard on TV & magazines.

As we stay in an independent house, the upper portion is rented to one of hubby’s colleague and he was also my hubby class mate during their college days. His name was Ravi aged about 32 not married, he was having lot of girl friends, my hubby never told about him, but later I came to know that he was very good womanizer. He used to get his girl friends to his house on weekends and enjoy with them. Ravi was quite tall and handsome with athletic body, Ravi never used to go to office on time, he always used to go late and even sometimes come home early, this was making me jealous, and I used to fight with my hubby over this. My hubby was in management position, whereas Ravi was joiner to my hubby. On top of this my hubby was travelling a lot leaving me and my 3yrs kid alone. Ravi used to speak to me and play with my kid most of time, he was behaving with me in a very good manner, as I was his colleague and close friends’ wife.

One summer weekend I was alone as my hubby went to office for some reason and it was around 10am, I was wandering without much work and even my kid was sleeping. I heard some noise of woman; I wanted to check and went up to Ravi’s house I came near his bed room window & was shocked to see that he was humping his girl friend in doggie style. In fact she had covered her face under a pillow and making noise as “OH… SUUUU… OHH ABBA SUUUUOOHHH”. I was horny seeing this and Ravi’s dick was really black and longer than my hubby, I started rubbing my clit seeing this and I had closed my eyes. I was in really high and all of a sudden I realized what I’m doing. But to my sheer luck Ravi saw me in that situation and just smiled at me. I walked off, we did not meet for quite few days, but I was always dreaming about what I had seen and his dick. Till that day I had seen only my hubby’s. I wanted to have Ravi and was planning to get him over.

After some days my hubby invited him for dinner on a weekend, he came and I had prepared very special food and sweet which Ravi likes a lot. I had dressed in sari and was serving him & my hubby. I wanted to tease him, while serving the specially made sweet I showed him my cleavage. He just saw and gave a smile to me, after sometime I asked him do you want more of the sweet, for which he told yes, I knew what he really wanted. I smiled and severed him in the same manner, this time my left side palu was out and he could see my boob over the blouse, he passed a very naughty comment, was this sweet made out of those two, which only I & he could hear. I gave him a naughty smile, while going he always kisses my kid, he wanted to do the same and during that time my hubby got a call from office he went to attend it. As I was carrying the kid and at door step, Ravi leaned forward to kiss, but my kid moved aside and in turn Ravi kissed me on my lips. This was first time other male kissed me over my lips. I was shocked and Ravi while leaving told me good night and thanks for the good night kiss also. Then slowly we started talking over the phone during daytime for hours together, we became close, he used to tell me all about his girl friends and how he used to make love to them, it was like phone sex. Once again my hubby had to go out of station and this time as Ravi had become close to me, he requested him to take care for any needs during his absence. My hubby left on Thursday evening, Ravi called me on Friday afternoon as usual during the call he asked me do you want anything from the market, so that he can get while coming back home. I told him to get a banana which grows longer and is black in color. He understood my words and immediately he came to home in 45minutes, I knew what will happen to me once he comes; I was prepared as I wanted.
He came directly to me house, closed the main door. I was preparing food in kitchen, he came from behind and cuddled me, and he told that he was waiting for this since a long. I just kept quite and when he hugged me shiver went through my spinal, he kissed my ears, licked my earlobes, and then he kissed my neck, all these time his hands were over my bare tummy, playing over my naval. He turned me over, I closed my eyes and turned he removed my pallu asked me where is my mangalasutra. I told him that I removed as did not want to feel and get guilty, he told don’t worry and requested me to get it, I went and got from my room, he took and put it over my neck telling that I’m marrying you and I’m also your hubby from today. Then he told me that he has never done with any married women till date, I was first one. I thought I was luck in this at least as he has fucked many women earlier; he then kissed my lips, while I was removing his shirt, and he was removing my blouse, while kissing me. He carried me to my bed room; I went to his pant and unzipped then caught his rod which had grown to fullest extent over his undergarment.

He had removed my blouse and bra I was topless he pinched my nipples, then kissed them sucked, while his other hand was working on my sari and he had removed major portion I was in petticoat, later he removed it along with my panty, which was wet and was dripping. I kissed his hairy chest sucked his nipples while he was pinching my nipples later he sucked my boobs one after the other, while his hand was working on my clit. He had pierced three of his figures into my hole, after few minutes I released huge orgasm, by this time he was fully naked and asked me to suck his monster; I was waiting for this, as my hubby never likes his dick to be sucked, after few minutes he loaded his entire cum into my mouth I drank some and later had to split some as it was too much to swallow. I told him I want you inside, he told wait and don’t worry my monster will just get into really action, as he told within few minutes it grew and while he ate my pussy which was clean shaven.

I reached one more orgasm again, after sometime I wide opened my legs welcoming him with smile, while he was entering I requested him to use condom, but he told no as he is doing first time to me. I thought there is no point in wasting time with argument, rather than enjoying, so I guided his monster into my cunt, it pained first, then I was making noises. He was telling me that I’m his whore from now and will be his keep, I told him treat me as your wife or randi I don’t care but keep me fucking as long as I and you want, he was ramming me like a machine, I was in ecstasy reached multiple orgasms there was no count of it. Ravi then told he wants to try doggie, which was new experience as my hubby has never done that, I told him to be careful as it might pain, he was ruthless and just entered from behind I collapsed with pain and was moaning, he started ramming me again with speed, I was dead tried and told him I cannot take anymore, he then made me to lie on the bed. He entered from the front again and started ramming me all over again and after 10 minutes he loaded his cum into me, then he was also tired we both just lied besides on the bed being exhausted.

After a while I got up and moved towards the kitchen to bring milk for me. He also followed me up to the kitchen was lustily watching the movements of my ass-cheeks. When I entered into the kitchen, & poured milk on a pan and lighted the fire of the gas by a matchstick. He grabbed me and suddenly started to squeeze my boobs and I started to moan AHHH… AHHH… AHHHH… OOOHHH… UFFFFF… which was making him & me more and more horny. Thereafter squeezing boobs he turned to my cunt I told him that I had my periods last week and I was now very hungry. I gave a moan again AOOAAAAAAM… when he relentlessly pinched my nipples hard. He made me to sit on the kitchen counter and spread my legs. Slowly he started to caress the inner walls of my cunt. It was wet as I was going crazy. OOHHAAA YES OOOHH IT IS SO NICE OOOHHHHHAAA…’ I cried. Then he bent down and started to lick the inner walls of my wet cunt moving his tongue up and down.
“OOHHH HONEY COMEEEE YES IT FEELS SO NICE AAAAAOOOHHHHH…” He shoved his tongue in my cunt hole moving it in and out this drove me to attain orgasm. “OOOHHHH… AII… HAVE NEVER FELT LIKE THIS OOOH… NOW FUCK ME WITH YOUR COCK PLEASE OHHHH…” I cried. He then shoved one finger and moved in around inside my cunt. I was crying with pleasure OOOHHHHH… I AM COMONG AAAHHHHH… I came and jerked like a mad women. I got down, put off the gas-stove and made me lie on the floor,
I came on top of him, held his cock and said, “I WILL FUCK YOU NOW. JUST LIE STILL”. I guided his hard cock in my wet cunt. It was tight and MMMMM… it felt great. I started to move up and down and slowly. The moves got faster and faster. “OOHHHAA AAA YES AAAAAOOHH YES I LOVE IT OOHHH FUCK OOHHH”, he shouted. I was in heaven as I was kissing him and biting his lips. Both of us were breathing heavily, moaning and groaning MMMAOOOAAAAAA… his cock went deep in my cunt and I was so hot from inside that his cock was melting. I was excited like a bomb shell. I was panting with all the fun. My excitement rouses to the highest levels. The bouncing boobs; crushed. My whole body was vibrating throughout. I was now shouting loudly because of great pleasure & pain, “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH… OOOOOOHHH… OOOOOOWWW… UUUUMM… OOOOOFFFF… YYYYYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSS…”

he took his cock out of the wetland and made me stand. He then guided me down the shelf and made me stand facing the nearest kitchen wall. He lowered my hips a little so that they became perfectly aligned for his dick. He immediately entered my pussy from behind. He started fucking me like a hell. Our motions became quicker and quicker. After 10-15 minutes, finally I began to emit the jets of my orgasm again; OOOPS! He also at last, came inside my pussy. Both of our bodies became locked–fluids were flowing from both of us and intermingling. Both of us got a heavy sweat-bath and were damn tired. We rested for 10 minutes in that condition. After that we both drank all the milk and both retired to bedroom. This was most memorable fuck I had, but that was not enough for him, the time was around 8:30 evening, I told him to get some food to get ourselves some energy, he order parcels after half hour parcel reached we had and again started our game of sex. Next day Ravi had holiday as it was Saturday and we had more sex, till Monday 11:00AM as Ravi left to office, he never allowed me to wear a single piece of clothe in all these days neither he wore, we had nice time till my hubby came back after one week.

Ravi fucked me all over the house and all my holes he had filled his cums, in fact he even fucked my virgin ass hole.

We have been continuing this till date, in the mean time I have aborted once and only Ravi knows about it. Now I have really become a whore of Ravi, even if I don’t get from my hubby I don’t get wild, but if I don’t get Ravi’s dick in any of my holes for more than 2-3 days I really go mad. So Ravi makes sure that I get what I want.


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