Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sanskrit tution teacher

It was back in 2004 when I was in class 9th, I was taking tuition for Sanskrit with Mehra aunty since 6th class. Mehra aunty was one hot aunty with big breasts, sexy waist and round firm bouncing ass… her figure must have been around 38-36-40. She used to visit other places for kirtan and bhajan purposes on regular basis, and she used to put a lot of makeup and sexy sarees… Whenever aunty was free, she used to call me to teach Sanskrit, she used to be in salwar kameez or in nighty…
Ohhh, everyone in locality used to lust about her, she was damn beautiful and so voluptuous, her slight cleavage was always visible through her saree palloo and deep cut salwar kameez… Her husband was a normal guy, used to go office and come back and eat, sleep… Her daughter was of my age, but was bigger, matured in looks, she was a sex bomb too…. but I was more interested in aunty, as her cleavage was more insight. Her milky white big boobs used pop out now and then from her nighty or salwar kameez…
With pop out, I mean almost pop out, since boobs were so big, and salwar kameez were so tight… Nipple could be easily pointed through her salwar kameez…She used to teach me like her own son, she used to love me a lot, she was very casual with me, she never minded being in semi naked manner or without dupatta… she used to change blouse in front of me, used to ask for help in fitting hinges of her blouse or clips etc… All the time my dick used to be erect and it was hard to hide it from aunty, I think aunty used to ignore it, because a bulge of that kind was not easy to hide.
She used to see my bulge and would talk about something else, but her cleavage and her aroma would let turn me on for almost whole day. uuummm…. those milky white breasts, I was virgin, and wanted to hold them, and squeeze them…….That time I didn’t knew about masturbation. One day aunty was back from kirtan, and was changing saree to nighty…. There was a small room, where she used to change, it was covered by curtains, I was doing my homework sitting inside bedroom. Daughter was inside drawing rooms doing some work on computer. Aunty called my name, and asked me to come,
I went there, there was very low light, with zero watt red light, dim… Aunty was looking like a raand in red transparent saree, my dick instantly got erect and was popping out, aunty suddenly saw my bulge but kept quiet, she told me unhook her blouse, I was doing it slowly facing her back, ohhhhhhh my god, her round big ass was a great sight, and her kamar was awsome, sooooo sexy….. And I was in love with the smell of her sweat….. I would have lick her from head to toe…. She was a sex goddess for real, Aunty slowly took off the saree and was now in petticoat, and bra… I could see her cleavage, and big white breasts in dim light, and I couldn’t take my eyes off from that scene,
I think aunty was enjoying that, since she was watching me on the same mirror, and there was a smile on her face as if she was thinking something about me, as if ” beta le le maje mere husna ke, abhi toh bohot kuch dikhana hai “…. she asked me to get nighty from the bedroom, I went and returned quickly, she took it from me and told me to go back and complete the homework. I was disappointed because the show was over, suddenly aunty called me back, there i saw, she was trying to remove her petticoat, but she couldn’t. I tried to open the tangled naada of her petticoat,
I was facing her boobs, and sweat was dripping from her breasts, I was dying to lick them, suck them all…. her bra was all wet due to so much sweat… aunty was standing helpless, and i was trying to remove the naada, suddenly it opened and it went down… she was in white thin transparent kind panty… pubic hairs were there, I was glued to them, first time in my life i was seeing that…. Her thighs were so white and so chubby, I was craving to have them in my mouth…. she was surprised and was hiding her pussy with her hands…. I turned away and went back to bedroom..
I was totally turned on, and my rod was now so hot, and so thick…. aunty came to the bedroom in her nighty… Cleavage was helping me to keep me turned on…. she bend towards me to check my homework, and I saw her boobs hanging, they were so big, round bulging and almost popping out of her nighty… I realized that she had removed her bra…. and it was now only boobs inside…she was not paying attention to her boobs, and was checking my notebook, or maybe she was playing with me…..
Suddenly she caught me watching her boobs, she asked me “gandi baat, beta kya dekh rahe ho, copy pe dhyaan do”
I said sorry aunty….now she sat beside me, and was resting on her back, she saw my bulge and asked me “beta toilet aa rahi hai?” I nervously answered the truth “nahi aunty…..”
aunty said “toh beta fir woh itna utha hua kaise hai?”
I was silent, aunty broke it and said “kuch nai hota beta, jab bacchhe bade ho jate hain, toh aisa hi hota hai”, and she did the unexpected thing, she asked me to switch off one tube light, so that only bulb will work, and room will become dim… she now took my one hand and inserted them between her cleavage, uuuuhhhhh it was so soft inside…. uuuuhhhaaaaahhh… I was taking deep breaths, and she took my other hand and told me to rub her pussy… I was now rubbing her pussy over the nighty…. it was soft, her pussy lips were so big, that I could feel them over the nighty….
She asked me to pull her nighty till her waist, I did it, and she asked me to insert my middle finger in her pussy, now she was making slow hissing sound, and I was enjoying it……. she inserted her hand inside my shorts and pulled out the dick, it was not visible clearly as it was dim inside the room…
She started jerking my penis, I was surprised and asked her ” aunty ye kya kar rahe ho, aaahhhhhh….” aunty said “kyun beta acha nahi laga…..” i said ” ahahhhh…. aaauuunnnttttyyyyy, aaachhhaaa toh lag raahhhaaaa haaaiiiii…. aaahhh” aunty said “beta isse muth maarna kehte hain, jab tumhara ye lund khada ho jaye, toh aise hilana” I was in heaven by now….
I was now almost going to come, i said “aunty, kuccchhhh ho raahaaa haaiii, kucchhhh nikaaalnee waaalaaaa haaaiiii, aaaahhhh …..” “aaaahhhhhhhh” there i was spilling all the semen all my cum on her hand, it was all messed up….. she started licking her hands, i asked “aunty, ye toh ganda hai, aap isse kyun chaat rahe ho” she said “beta ye ganda nai hai, ye bohot namkin hai” I touched my cum, and it was sticky and slippery, I was confused…..
My dick was now small, and aunty was still rubbing my penis, aunty asked me “beta tum mere issko(pussy) chaatoge?” at first I felt it disgusting, but I was tempted too…. so said, ok…. I slowly bent, and felt the smell, it was different, but was turning me on again…. I touched my lips and started kissing her pussy, and starting licking, sucking madly… some liquid was coming out, I asked “aunty ye paani jaisa kya hai?” she said “beta jaise tumahre lund se paani muth nikla tha, mere se bhi nikalta hai”, I was like yum…. it was heavenly…….
My dick was now erect and thick again…. aunty asked me to lie above her on the bed, i obeyed her, now she asked me to aim my lund inside her pussy and insert it… I slowly started inserting, aunty said “han beta, han….. uuuuuuuu…. beta, hannnn dheereee seeee, aaahhhhh,….. aur andarrr….. ahhhhh” i was now fully inside her, and it was hot, her vagina walls were like pressing my penis, like pussy sucking my dick… aaahhhhh…..
aunty said “beta ab dheere dheere andar bahar kar apne lund ko”
I did it, and aunty started making sounds like aaahhhhh, uuiiiii maaaa…… aaaaa maaaarrrggaaaiiiii… uuuuuiiiiii…..
i asked “aunty dard hora hai?” she replied “beta yahi toh maza hai…. isse chodna kehta hain, chod de mujhe au zor se..”
i started pumping hard… she was screaming in pain…… uuiiiiii maaaa.a…… maaar dddiiiiiyyyaaaa…. aaaaaa aur zor se aaa…..aaaaaa….
I kept fucking her for next 10 minutes and it was all white white jhaag coming out of her pussy, she was enjoying it and was making sound in pleasure…I was now about to cum, and told her “aunty fir se nikalne wala hai” aunty said “han beta daal de sara andar, aaahhhaaaaaaaaaa” i pressed hard, and pumped all my cum inside her….. and kept fucking with my semi-erect dick….. now our cum was mixed and started dipping outside as soon as i pulled my dick out…. she started licking the cum with her fingers…
I think she really liked it…… her pubic hairs were all messed up with my cum…she fingered fucked her pussy for few more minutes, and i was sucking her boobs till that time…. and them aunty gave me a long French kiss to end a short exhausting session…. her tongue was salty, and i was able to taste my cum, as some of it was left in her mouth…. she cleaned my dick by sucking it completely, and so asked me to clean her pussy too….. I did it with delight….
It tasted so good….


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