Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Making money from sister

We were cash-strapped those days. My elder sister Amrita was that time doing her textile business. She was twenty seven, but looked young enough for people to think she is my younger sister. She was athletic, slim and tall. She carried herself well; dressed elegantly and was very beautiful with lovely thick silky hair which fell below her shoulder. She had a sharp nose, full lips. a well defined chin; and large eyes. However, her striking feature was her figure. Though petite, her body looked full, endowed with large yet firm breasts and a tight but wide butt. I was twenty three, five feet ten inches tall. slim and fit. We used to be very close when we were younger; but over the last few years we had drifted apart; as she was busy with her work all the time. My sister used to procure textile materials, get them designed into fashionable garments and supply them to retail outlets in Calcutta. It was during Dassera festival she needed lots of money to buy a large consignment – as that is the peak season for this business. She asked Dad to lend her money. But dad could not afford.

I had been working for my dad in our family business and was trying to get a new agency for a reputed tiles manufacturing company. Its sales manager came to Calcutta for a business visit. I met him, and took him out for drinks and dinner. He asked me if I could arrange a call-girl for him. And trust me, I had no idea how to get one in Calcutta, though I knew there was Sonagachhi, the red-light area of Calcutta full of cheap whores, which would not help my cause.

I got back home, and was not getting sleep, not knowing how to get the sales manager satisfied, and possibly get the agency. I got up and then wanted to check my emails. While doing so, I just clicked on a search for call girls in Calcutta. It went to a site on sex guide in India. One advertisement appealed to me. It read – A classy tall bold and beautiful modern girl, who knows how to please is available for making your fantasies true – if your purse can afford. You will find girl of your dreams – and someone you can share anything with – what you never shared with your wife or girl-friend. For reasons unknown I just filled in the name of the manager, Mr. Patel, his hotel details and asked her to come the next day at 1pm to the hotel. A while later I went to sleep.

Next day, I went to see the sales manager, Mr. Patel. We were sitting in his room. I did not divulge to him that I had tried to arrange a call girl as I was not sure if the girl would respond. We were discussing business and sipping beer. "It is quite boring here in Calcutta. I wish I had some good company." Patel said as he sipped his beer. I was looking at my watch frequently to see if it was one o'clock and if the girl would really turn up. We must have polished off three bottles each in the morning itself. Exactly at 1pm, the phone in the room rang.

My heart skipped several beats as I saw Mr. Patel picking up the phone. He said," Hello, Patel here....." and after a pause said, "but I ..........I do not know....." I went unto him and gestured to him to give me the phone. I took it from him and said, "Hello, may I help you?" A female voice came from the other end, "Is Mr. Patel there?" "Yes Ma'am. By the way, are you Miss Neha?" I inquired. "Yes, I am Neha and I was supposed to see Mr. Patel in his room." Wao!! I thought to myself... Patel will get a girl today and I shall get the agency.... "That is correct Madam, how much do you charge?" I asked. "It was in the net. I charge twenty thousand rupees for two hours. And it is to be paid in advance. For each extra hour, another ten thousand rupees. And for trying variations, I charge extra." I knew I had to pay for this. So I wanted to be clear. "Madam, it is for two hours only. But the gentleman may like to try out few variations. Please let me know how much you are going to charge." There was a pause. Then the lovely voice started again, "For anal sex, I charge ten thousand extra. But it is to be done with condom. For blow job with condom, I charge two thousand extra; and without condom, five thousand. If the man wants to come in my mouth and ass; my total charges are thirty five thousand rupees. And not a rupee less. And I can assure you, all my clients go back satisfied." Fortunately I had the cash with me, as I had to make some payments. I spoke, "Please wait in the lobby. I shall come there and pay you in advance, and you can then take care of my client in his room. But how do I recognize you?" She replied, "I am in white top and black trousers. I am slim and tall, and am carrying a black handbag. My hair has shades of brown. I am wearing dark sunglasses. I am sitting in the corner-most sofa in the lobby." I hung up the phone and then turned to Mr. Patel. "Mr. Patel, I am getting you a girl, and you can have all your fantasies fulfilled!!" There was a smile on his face. "Hey you... thanks man!!! You did not tell me, so that I could have taken a Viagra earlier!! Anyway, hope she is good. You can come back after she leaves." While going out of his room, I turned back and told him," I shall take care of her payments, you just have fun!!!" I opened the door and went to lift to go down to the lobby.

As I looked around, I saw a lady sitting in the corner of the lobby with her back to me. I went slowly towards her, and saw the black strap of her handbag on her white shirt. Her hair was open and cascaded down, some of them hanging behind the back of the sofa in soft curls.

"Ma'am, I came to pay you so that you can then go to the room for Mr. Patel". I was shocked the moment the lady turned around to face me. I felt as if I would collapse. My mouth dried up, my heart was pounding against my chest and my legs wobbled as I saw her. It was my elder sister – Amrita. I caught the sofa to balance myself, and staggeringly went around and sat on the sofa by her side.

"You.... Here.... ." I stammered as if I saw a ghost.

Her face turned pale; and her lips quivered. She was looking down. She was dressed very elegantly, in a pair of black trousers, though fairly tight with flares at the bottom; black high-heeled pointed shoes and a white silk shirt, which had top two buttons undone, just giving a hint of a cleavage, but not exposing anything other than a lacy white bra. The shirt was tight though and the buttons appeared a bit strained, as her shapely bust was trying to push through.

She started after a pause, "Well, you know I needed money for my business and I needed it bad and had to make it fast. I had no other choice. This way, I can make some fast bucks and then invest in my business. And I am taking all precautions. I go only to five star hotels, where I meet much selected people; and stick to all safe practices. What else could I do to get the money? I did not have any choice."

"Yes, I understand." I said, in an assuring tone. "Well, you have to be careful. You should make sure no one finds out." I looked into her eyes which were hidden behind her sunglasses. "I actually wanted to get someone for this Mr. Patel to get the agency of tiles for our hardware business; and was just taking a chance in the internet. And that is how I contacted you. Actually I was supposed to pay for his entertainment."

"Well, you still have to pay," her voice was lighter this time. "Do not worry, if it helps you in your business, I shall take care of him. But you know, we have to keep it to ourselves."

"Thanks a lot didi (it is the Indian word for addressing elder sister)." I said softly. "His room number is 561."

She got up, and majestically walked to the elevator. The shirt was short. It ended just at her waist. The tight black trousers stuck to her behind like a second skin. Her butts were tight, firm and were swinging with each of her steps. A white thong was peeking out over the waist of her low-rise trousers. The thin wisp of the thong was out, making itself tantalizingly visible through her sheer shirt. Her high heeled shoes made her ass sway provocatively as she walked. She waited in front of the lift for a while, and then disappeared as the lift opened and closed.

A million thoughts were crowding my mind; and I was imagining what Patel would be doing with my sister. I was trying to get a mental picture of what would be happening in room 561. I went to the coffee-shop and sat there waiting for Patel's call. Almost after an hour and half my mobile rang, and I woke up from my reverie. It was the hotel number on my phone. I switched on the phone.

"Kumar, Patel here. Can you come over to my room?"

I rushed to his room.

Patel had wrapped a towel around is waist as he came to open the door. Amrita didi was in the bathroom.

"She is wonderful Kumar. I really had fun and lots of thanks for arranging this wonderful lady. And now the agency is yours!!!"

Amrita didi came out of the bathroom. She was her usual composed self. Her make up was intact. Her hair was neatly arranged. Her attire was flawless. Her eyes were expressionless though. She sat on the sofa and put on her shoes, tied the lace and got up. She came near Mr. Patel, gave him a peck on the cheek; then took out her sunglasses from her bag, wore it. She was about to leave, when Patel spoke," Thank you so much Ms. Neha. I enjoyed every second of your company; and shall cherish it for ever. Hope you have not forgotten my little souvenir I asked for."

"Thanks to you too Mr. Patel." Amrita didi replied. "Your souvenir is in your bathroom. I left it for you." Amrita didi smiled and went out of the room.

I saw Patel ogling at the sexy posterior of my sister as she went out of the room.

"And Mr. Kumar, give me a few minutes, I shall hand over the contract to you and then I need to sleep. I am famished!!"

Patel brought out the documents from his briefcase, signed it and handed them over to me. I thanked him and left his room with mixed feelings. I have used my own sister's services to get the contract, at the same time I was happy I got the contract. I returned home straightaway.

I went to my room, and was thinking of my sister. On one hand I was shocked my sister was whoring around; but on the other I was grateful to her for bagging the business contract. I did not want to be a moral police. I reasoned to myself, girls can be bed-hoppers for fun; so which way was it wrong if my sister slept with different men. Well, she was using sex as a tool to make money – but what is wrong in that?" Then I thought of going to her room and thank her again for helping me in the business. I changed to my shorts and a T-shirt and went to her room. I knocked at her door.

"Get in Kumar", she shouted.

I went inside. She was lying on her bed. She was wearing a tracksuit and a T-shirt and was lying on her stomach and going through some dress-design book.

"Thanks a million Didi." I began the conversation. "I owe you my life for helping me out with the deal. Patel was so happy that he signed the contract just after you left and gave it to me." I told her in a very normal voice easing the situation as if nothing wrong has ever happened.

She did not sound even a trace perturbed. Her voice was steady. "He is a decent old man." My sister said. "Poor fellow's wife does not sleep with him and he wants to make the best use of whatever active sex-life the old-man is left with." She paused and without lifting her gaze from her book, continued professor-like, "These guys have sex in their minds, but their bodies refuse. They need it more, but cannot perform. When you make them think they are good in bed and fake a few orgasms, their male ego gets boosted; and they start thinking their pencil-thick cock is the best performing tool in the world! You know, what is important is, you got to please the man's ego, not his sexual drive."

"Whatever it is, Patel was head over heels for you. And he was ever so thankful." I added.

"Yes, he also told me the same thing. He had never experienced anal sex before and he was so excited when I let him fuck my ass. After coming twice in an hour, once in my mouth and once in my ass; he was finished. He did not have energy left to handle me for two hours." She was saying with a kind of pride in her voice. "By the way, you got to buy me a new thong. He took mine saying he needed it as a souvenir!!" She chuckled.

"Whatever you say didi. If you want, I can buy you a wardrobe." I assured her. "But didi, this way, if you handle such clients directly, there is always a chance someone known would find out and you know how dad and mom will get pissed off."

"That is right. But I try to be as discreet as possible. I entertain only those who are not from Calcutta; and only if the person is not known any way. But considering what happened today, I have to find a way to carry this on properly." She raised her head from the book and sat down folding her legs.

"May be, I can help you. I shall handle your emails, and contacts. And once I ensure it is a safe deal, you can go ahead with business." I suggested.

"That is a good idea." She said thoughtfully. But suddenly, she burst into laughter and said, "What a joke, brother pimping for sister!!!!"

"Manager.... Not a pimp" I too laughed aloud. "Like most actresses have their managers or secretaries, I shall be your secretary and manager. And I shall not take any salary or commission from you." I said in a lighter vein. "I will do it to pay you back for all your help."

She was sitting in the typical Indian style, with her legs folded. I could see a damp patch at her crotch of the tracksuit. As my eyes traveled to her crotch, she realized what I was looking at and nudged me and said, "Sometimes these old men provoke the desire in you, and when you need it – they leave you horny. I was actually feeling very horny after coming back and just before I heard your footsteps approaching my room I kept the vibrator in. I was shagging myself and that is why it is so wet down there. And I am not wearing any panties. So this tracksuit is wet!!"

"Ok my secretary. Let us go." She said and jumped off the bed. "I need to change."

"You want me to go out?" I asked – but deep within I was praying she lets me be there when she changed.

As if she listened to my prayer, she said, "Now that you are going to be my manager, you need to know what you are dealing with!!! You can stay in and see what you are going to manage." She said with naughtiness to her voice and pulled off her top.

I was transfixed when my eyes fell on her supple breasts. They were firm, conical standing in their full glory. They were much larger than what I thought them to be. Her nipples were erect. The grape-fruit like nipples stood from the center of her brown areolas, which capped her large breasts. They were moving up and down like water-filled balloons as she walked up to her wardrobe. She picked up an off-white transparent satin bra and slipped it on. She placed her boobs in the bra cup and reached behind her back to fasten the hook. She moved her fingers underneath the strap to position them properly. I was hypnotized and my cock was up. The bra lifted up her breasts making her cleavage deeper. What a place for a man to keep his face in – I was wondering.

As if I did not exist in that room, she kept her both hands on the waist band of her tracksuit and pushed it down. She had to bend to take it out of her legs. As she did that with her back to me, I saw the finest piece of ass in the world. They were full, yet firm and quite large – appearing even larger as her waist is quite narrow. They were glowing. And as she bent, I could see her pussy lips peeping from between her legs. She pulled out a matching pair of panties and again bent down to slip one leg into it and then the other. She straightened up and pulled up her panties. She still had her back towards me. As she pulled up her panties, I saw a little triangular lacy piece of cloth covering a small portion of her lower back where the butt-crack started and a string descending down from it but vanishing between her two large globes of ass cheeks. I could not see her front, but could guess there must be a small triangular patch covering her pussy. And the material was almost see-through and lacy. I was wondering if she had any hair on her pussy.

She picked up a pair of jeans and waltzed towards me. And I could see her in the skimpy bra and panties. The bra was transparent, and I could see her dark nipples and areolas; and the panties were covering her pussy and could easily make out her pussy was shaved clean. She slipped her legs into the jeans and zipped it up. She picked up a top and wore it.

"Get up and let us get going." She ordered.

I was embarrassed to get up as my cock was making a large tent and I was trying to push it down when she pulled my hand. I stood up, but my prick was up and standing within my loose shorts perpendicularly.

"What is that you have there, is that hard seeing your sister?" She pointed her finger at my cock and before I realized what is happening caught it over my shorts.

"Ahhh... it feels so good...." It came out from my mouth inadvertently." I pushed my pelvis forward as she gripped my cock as if I was fucking her hand. She gave a few jerks, and held it tight. My cock inflated to its maximum size and hardness and I – like a man possessed started moving my pelvis forward and backward. Didi's other hand came down and she caught my balls and gave it a tight squeeze. My cock sprang up again and I think it was attaining a size that is bigger than its biggest possible dimension.

"Well, my manager needs it bad..." She chuckled. "My manager needs my services first to serve me I guess..." My hands which had gone limp proceeded very tentatively to her breasts covered by her top. I could see her nipples poking through her top and I caught each one of them between my thumb and index finger and started rotating both ways and pinched them. She pushed me towards her bed and I fell on her bed flat on my back with my waist on the edge and my legs dangling down. She sat near my waist leaning towards me. Before any word could be uttered I pushed my shorts down exposing my rigid cock, standing like a flag pole. Didi was moving her hand slowly and seductively on it, taking time to caress the underside and in between giving tender pokes into my asshole and clutching my balls. When she used her nails to tickle my balls and the area around my asshole, I felt my cock would burst.

My hands wormed their way under her top to her breasts and lifted her top which gathered over her breasts. I pushed her flimsy bra up and started squeezing her firm buttery tits. I almost tried to milk it out, as the milkman does with cows' tits!!! I put my palm on it and rolled it under my palm. But not satisfied my hungry mouth went to her tit and took one in, as the other was being taken care of by my hands. She took off her top and then her bra. When I got access to the glorious mounds, my joys knew no bounds. I started playing with both her tits.

Didi had her hand on my cock and balls. She was patiently jerking it, taking a long time. I could feel my balls tightening. I felt I was about to come. Didi sensed it, and she went very slowly. She wanted to prolong my pleasure I guessed. There was pre-cum at the tip of my cock. She smeared it with her fingers on my cock-head.

Her speed increased and she came closer. My hand went down to the brass button of her jeans. I opened it and then pulled down the zipper. She pushed it down and got out of her pants. Now, there was a fantasy-girl, girl of many men's fantasy, in front of me almost nude but for the small panties which made her look sexier. I cupped her pussy over the silky panties, and found it moist. I was eagerly waiting for getting a taste of her honey now

I myself got rid of my shorts which was around my knees it in a flash. No words were spoken, as if we were two self-programmed robots. I pushed my hand into her panties and started playing with her cunt. Delicately caressing her cunt, I ran a finger with slight pressure on the depression in the middle. With a little pressure one finger got in. My finger found its way in, and then I had two fingers slowly inching in and out of her hot pussy under her panties.

"I want to kiss you there ..... Your pussy........" that is all I spoke and got up towards her feet. I lied on her side, with my head positioned in front of her pussy and my cock in front of her mouth, both lying side by side facing towards each other's legs. I wanted to please her for all she had done for me, and wanted it to be special. I lifted one of her legs and placed my face between her legs, right on her pussy. She clamped my head with her left leg lifting it up and folding it at her knees, as my head was resting on the right thigh.

I jerked when unspeakably pleasant sensation with its epicenter at my cock spread all over my body, she was lightly biting my cock with her teeth when it was coming out of her mouth and was pursing her lips around my cock when it entered her mouth. She was licking the entire underside of my cock. She was sucking on the glans and fondling my balls. I jerked my pelvis thus pushing my cock into her mouth halfway. A shiver ran through me as she started scratching on my asshole and pressed her finger in. She took some spit on her fingers and applied it on my asshole. She repeated it few times, soaking the place around my asshole with her warm saliva. Her pressure of sucking was increasing on my cock. I was taking cue from her actions. Just following what my experienced sister was doing. I pushed the thin strap of her panties sideways, and had her pussy exposed completely. I was lucky to spot the small protrusion between her outer lips on top. I nibbled at it, and started sucking it. She was now bucking against my mouth. I tried to cover her whole pussy with my mouth and tried to suck as hard as I could. I was fingering her pussy, sucking her pussy, sucking her clitoris, and caressing her posteriors by pushing the thin band of cloth which is supposed to be the back of her thong. Her pussy was a fountain of hot honey now. Secretion of her pussy was spreading all around. I dug my fingers into her cunt, soaked my fingers properly and repeated on her asshole the same assault, what she was doing to me. Both of us were at the height of sexual passion. Excepting animal grunts, there was no sound from either of us. I could feel my balls were going to release. I increased my tempo of fucking her mouth. Reciprocating this, she also started rubbing her pussy hard on my face, and I sucked her clit, and one hand had three fingers going in and out of her pussy, finger fucking her and the other was probing her asshole. As my index finger probed into her tight asshole, it just opened up. She relaxed her sphincter which I knew was used to allow entry to larger meat-shafts and my index finger was fully inside without much effort. I brought out my index finger, licked my index and middle finger and then had two fingers in her asshole. A while later, a third finger joined them. Now, I was fucking her cunt with my left hand, fucking her ass with my right hand and was sucking her clit and lapping her pussy. She was not left behind. She was sucking my rod, and taking it deep into her throat; she was fondling my balls, and playing with my asshole. Suddenly a terrible pain ran through me as her finger entered my asshole.

"Relax.... Just relax....." she said without taking her finger out.

When I relaxed my anus, I could feel her finger going in and reaching some unknown corner of my body and somewhere behind where my cock originated I could feel her finger massaging my prostate and that drove me over the edge.

I was now fucking her mouth as if there was no tomorrow. She was pressing her pussy on my mouth hard.

In unison, animal cries came out from both of us..... "AAAAAHHHHHH ....... I ..... am.... C...o...m....i.....n....g..... ... "I announced as I ejaculated in her mouth. My cock went on spurting a load of semen in her mouth and there was a feeling of wonderful emptiness in my balls and cock.

She was the first to get up. Seeing her getting up from the bed, I felt dejected, and deprived of fucking her pussy. "I want to make love to you. I want to fuck your pussy." I said.

"Do not worry bro, you will get enough chances," she stretched her arms and stood up. "Now that your cock is quiet, at least for a while, let us go for some shopping and then think of the grand finale at night. We can fuck the whole night."

Her jeans and tops were crumpled on the floor. "Now I cannot wear them because of you....." she said and went to her wardrobe to pick up another pair. She brought out a white pant and wore it over the soaked panties she was wearing.

This white pant was like a second skin, with a zipper on the side, stuck to her figure like body paint. The cloth was quite thin too, and I could easily see the small triangle and strings of her thong through the pant. She really knew how to dress provocatively.

"Your panty shows through this pant" I commented.

"That is a fashion statement these days -- showing a visible thong line. It is considered sexy and men like you get excited!!" While talking, she picked up her bra, slipped her arms through and fastened it. The she put on her shirt, collected her purse and got ready to go. "In fact, most men find thongs sexy as it leaves butts bare and they get easy access to a woman's ass or even pussy by just pushing the thin strip of cloth. I did not take off my thong when we did the sixty nine now. These days even you get peek-a-boo panties and tanga, which are as small as they can be, and a man can have access to a woman's pussy without even pushing the panties. By the way, I too own some of them and shall show you those later!!" She smiled.

I just took a minute to slip into a pair of jeans, a shirt and sneakers; and got out with her for shopping.

I drove her to the Shoppers Stop. I parked the car and we went to the first floor which had all ladies garments and accessories. "I shall pay for everything that you buy." I told her. She just smiled, and holding my hand walked unto western wear section. She picked up a few pairs of capris, couple of skirts and some tops. Then she headed towards the lingerie section. She looked into the small boxes of bra and panties and reached for the shelves which had 34C label. That is her size then, I thought. She opened some of them and chose several sets of bra and panties. They were in different colors and different designs. They were either lacy or semi-transparent satin or just made of some strings. She collected them from the display desk and stuffed everything in her trolley.

Showing the trolley she said, "I am through for now."

We went to the counter, I paid the bill and we carried the lot to our car. "That was quite a shopping," I commented.

"Thank you brother, you are a darling." She gave my cheek a peck, "You know it is important to dress well in an escort's profession. And you have to ensure that you are really wearing naughty undergarments. This excites the men. Many of them have fetishes for undergarments and some of them even try to lick my ass and asshole or pussy over my panties. But again, you cannot dress too sluttish when to go to the hotel. It must be sexy but not very revealing. But inside you can wear whatever turns on the men."

"And people like Patel can steal them too..." I joked.

We laughed and returned home.

It was evening. Dad and Mom would only get back at about ten at night after closing the shop. My mom looked after accounts as Dad handled customers in the shop.

"Why not we create a web-site for your services?" I asked her. "We shall post your photograph covering your face; just showing your ass, pussy and tits and provide the rates there. Anyway, we will use a fake name, and give only email address. We shall ask for contact numbers of the clients and then call back once we ascertain they are genuine and are not known to us."

"That sounds good." She said enthusiastically.

"This way, you can be choosy, and you can charge high. And we can screen the clients." I added.

"But you have to be very careful with photographs. Though it may show my ass or tits or even pussy; you must make sure no way can one recognize me. My face must be completely hidden." She said with a definite concern.

"Of course it has to be like that. I will photograph you, and then we will edit it digitally, cover your face or make it blurry in the photograph; and then put it in your site." I told her. "But, when someone sees your pussy, he will be able to recognize your pussy ..." I joked, "And do we start now? I shall get the camera." Without waiting for her answer I went to my room and got the camera. I ensured its battery was fully charged.

"We shall post a series of your snaps in different stages of undress." I was readying my camera as I talked. "We start with one where you are fully clothed. Then I take photographs as you strip."

"Ok. Do we start now? Will this light be enough?" She asked.

"My camera flash is very good. This will do." I assured her.

"What do I wear first?" She inquired.

"First snap will be you fully clothed. You look fantastic in anything. I think western casuals -- what you wear mostly is fine. Even what you are wearing now is fine. May be you can change the top to a button up shirt, where you can just leave a few buttons undone." I suggested.

She went to her wardrobe, stood there for a while choosing her clothes. And came back with a black sleeveless shirt. She took off her top and put on the shirt leaving top three buttons undone.

"Please tuck the shirt in. One can then make out the actual size of your boobs and also will suggest your flat abdomen." I suggested.

"OK" she said and did as I said.

She stood sideways bending from her waist letting her boobs face the camera. This way, both her shapely ass and large boobs came into view. I went to her and brought her hair over her face. I arranged her hair neatly in such a way that her face was covered by her hair mostly.

"Thrust your pelvis a little backward. That will make your butts more inviting. And stick out your boobs."

She did as she was told. I clicked few shots in that pose.

"Now take off the shirt. You can have the bra on." I asked her as I was focusing the camera. "Make sure the cleavage looks prominent."

"OK." She said and walked near the bed. She stood by the bed and leaned forward with her hands resting on the bed. As she bent forward, the cleavage looked deep and her hair fell forward covering her face completely.

"That is perfect!!" I said and clicked some snaps. "Now it is the turn of your trousers to be discarded."

Like an obedient model, she took off her trousers. However, I felt bra and panties of bright color will look better on her fair frame. "Why don't you change into some bright lingerie?"

"That is a good idea." She said, and opened the boxes we had bought. She took out her triumph branded red bra and thong. She took rest of her clothing she had on and slipped into the new garments.

My jaw dropped when I saw her in that red lingerie. The bra was quite small, what they call quarter cup. It just lifted her boobs up, and made her cleavage more pronounced. It just covered the lower portions of her tits. Unto the nipples -- even the top portion of her light brown areola was faintly visible. It was quite transparent too, and I could make out her nipples through the bra. Below the bra was her flat tummy. Her blemish less abdomen was fair, flat and the deep navel looked quite captivating. The thong was quite low, same lacy red material which was quite transparent. I am sure had it been worn even an inch lower, her pussy would be exposed. The lower portion of her panties narrowed down, and cut through her pussy lips, tantalizingly revealing her pussy making a camel-toe.

She shifted her weight from one leg to another. "Yes my dear manager and photographer, where are you lost?" She turned around to show me her back.

Her hair cascaded down, below her shoulders. Where her hair ended was the strap of her bra. Far below that, her hips flared to a sexy pear shape fleshy hillocks. The thong made her ass even more erotic, covering practically nothing yet making her posterior look inviting. It was like the previous one, a thin triangular patch of cloth, narrowing down to a threadlike strip which went between her big ass-cheeks. The thong drove a wedge between her two round globes of large ass cheeks which flared to a very womanly width. Her ass was looking a bit bigger on her slim frame and thin waist. The long legs tapered down and did not appear to end. I was hooked!!

"Why don't you wear a pair of high-heeled shoes? That will make it look really erotic." I suggested. She complied and wore a pair of high-heeled shoes,

"How do you want to shoot me?" she asked.

"I shall take photos of your back. Stand with your hands folded, resting on your waist. Part your legs a little; so that your ass looks even wider." I said and focused my camera. She did what I asked her and I went on clicking. "Now bend forward, and spread your legs resting your hands on the bed." As she did so, I could see the thin strip over her asshole. The red strip of her thong just formed a line over the brown star of her asshole. The brown pucker was uncovered, the thong only dissecting her brown asshole. One could just get a glimpse of her nether passage. The thong was pretty transparent, that the makers label was even visible below the elastic band.

I went on clicking several snaps.

"Now a full frontal as you lie down on the bed, you can lie down on your back with your head hanging. I shall take the photo from your feet. Have your knees folded, so I get a good snap of your pussy. Anyway, your face will not be visible if you tilt your head backward."

She followed my instruction astutely. I focused the camera. Only her jaw and the tip of the nose were visible -- and her face was hidden -- something we wanted. Her bra-clad breasts stood erect like two sentinels. The thong went between her pussy lips as if the pussy ate it up revealing the outer lips. I clicked the camera. Then she herself pushed her hand inside her panties and moved it sideways, revealing her clean-shaven pussy and I clicked. I focused the camera on her pussy. Her fingers were playing with her pussy and I could see it getting redder and glistening with her juices. My sister was fingering herself as I was clicking photographs of her pussy!!!

I kept the camera on the dresser and knelt by the bed placing my face close to her pussy. She was still busy rubbing her pussy, and I could see her fingers entering her pink cave and also playing with her clit. I placed my hands under her ass cheeks and planted my mouth right on her pussy and sent my tongue in.

"I was awaiting this..." she whispered and clamped her thighs holding my head tightly into her. I lapped her pussy, and like a dog went on licking her vulva. I licked her entire pussy as she pulled her panties aside giving me easier access to her lovely pink clean-shaven pussy. I blew air into her pussy and she squirmed. I moved my tongue upwards till it encountered her clit and started sucking on it. I alternated between sucking her clit and pussy. She started humping upwards and her hands were pressing my head to her pussy. I was getting suffocated, but I went on increasing my suction pressure on her pussy. She started a rhythmic movement of her pelvis, wiggling sideways and then jerking upwards. I lifted my face and yanked her thongs down as she helped me to do it by lifting her pelvis. She took one leg out and then the other. I removed her sandals and then she repositioned herself on the double bed. She spread her legs for her brother folding and lifting her knees giving me easy access for eating her while resting her back against the headrest of her bed. I went on sucking her with all my passion, lust, and eagerness like a starving man jumping on delicious food.

"Yes... that is it... keep doing it.... Suck me... suck my clit .... Yes, that is right.... Now suck my pussy, .... Finger my pussy, ...shove your fingers in.... suck my clit..... yes... harder ... harder.... That is yes... yes... yes... harder...." she went ballistic. She was throwing her arms and tossing her head. Her juice was flowing from her hot snatch and wetting the bed. As her juice trickled down her pussy and flowed down soaking her crotch and asshole, I started massaging her asshole. I was pressing my finger into her asshole; which was used to taking in cocks of different sizes. When I felt her body stiffening and she started crying out loud moaning like an animal, I shoved four fingers into her pussy and massaged her clit, which was hard now. While doing so, I placed my lips on her asshole, and I do not know what possessed me, I pushed my tongue in. Her asshole tasted sour and pungent, quite different from her pussy juice which was almost tasteless, or very slightly acidic.

"I am coming..... coming.... Yes.... Rim rim me.... Rim my asshole..... yes... suck my asshole hard... that is ... yes ..... Kumar... suck ... me... suck my asshole... push your tongue further.... ..harder.....yes..... yes......"

I manipulated my fingers in her cunt, moving it around, massaging her clit and sucked her asshole as her body got into a frenzy of convulsions and then her whole body shuddered and she went still.

I was feeling elated that I gave my elder sister an orgasm.

I took off my clothes and climbed up the bed alongside her. Her breathing was now deep and relaxed. Her face was glowing and there were beads of sweat twinkling like small pearls on her body. Her hair was disheveled and spread around her lovely face making a dark halo. Her face looked divine, peaceful and her eyes were half-closed; looking at nowhere. Her arms outstretched and limp.

I snuggled close to her and was running my fingers through her hair, caressing her scalp and forehead moving those few strands from her face. I ran my fingers on her face lightly caressing her and my fingers traced down to her chin and then her neck traveling down to hear ample bosom. I pushed my other hand under her back and she turned to her side giving me access to her back. I unhooked her bra and she arched her back lifting her chest and took off the bra. I first kissed her on her forehead, then tip of her nose and finally planted a kiss on her lips.

Her hands caught my face and her mouth parted and our tongues were wresting with each other. She was sucking on my lips and I was sucking her saliva from her mouth. My hand reached for her breasts as our lips remained locked.

My wandering hands were enjoying the soft feel of her firm boobs and I was delicately moving my fingertips on them. Her erect nipples stood proudly on the tip of the pyramid of her breasts. I pulled her nipples. My mouth left her mouth and descended down slowly kissing her chin and I bit her chin softly. I kissed her earlobes and her long neck and kissed my way down to her clean but perspiring armpit. I sucked on her armpit which made her squeal and moved down to her breasts. I took her left nipple in my mouth and my hand was massaging her right breast tweaking her right nipple.

My body jerked when my sister's firm grip took control of my cock. She scratched my balls with her nails and my balls tightened with her touch. A shiver ran through my spine as she started moving her hand jerking my cock rapidly. My restless hands were playing with her breasts and my mouth was alternating sucking on each nipple. I opened my mouth as much as I could and tried to take her breast into my mouth sucking hard.

"It hurts... don't suck so hard, be gentle...." she admonished me as my animal passion took over me. I did not say anything, but took my mouth off her breasts and tenderly licked all around her breasts. Then I zeroed on her nipple and started sucking slowly, like a baby suckling its mother's breasts.

She turned on her side, and I nuzzled my head into her bosom resting my head in the warmth of her big boobs. Her ministrations on my cock were continuous. She was playing with my balls and medial side of my thigh and squeezing and jerking my cock. I could feel my balls tightening and I knew I would come soon.

"I want to come inside you didi". I pleaded. "I am dying to make love to you. I want to fuck your pussy."

She smiled, and realizing I was about to come, left my cock for a while. She pushed me on my back.

I lied flat on my back with my head on two pillows. Amrita didi placed her knees on either side of my face and descended her pussy to my lips.

Her hair tickled my thighs as her face came down and took my cockhead into her mouth. She licked it few times and rested her hands on my thighs and pushed them apart. As I spread my thighs, she went down and took my balls in her mouth. My balls contracted. She was trying to suck my balls and pushing my nut in the scrotum with her tongue. It was a heavenly feeling. I felt as if I had passed out and gone to heaven. She slowly and tenderly bit my cock and it twitched. "You should shave your pubic area. That will look clean and edible." She said.

"I will, if that is what you want and what you like..." my muffled voice uttered as I was lapping at her pussy. She started taking my cock deeper and I could feel her lips on the base of my cock. My whole cock in my sister's mouth -- the feeling and the sensation was driving me crazy and my cock jerked. Didi's experience told her I was close. The moment she realized that, she got up, turned around and went towards my legs. She positioned her knees on either side of my waist facing me, caught my erect cock in her hand and her pelvic descended down. Her pussy was just touching my cock tip, and I tried to push up. But she has me in her grip and did not let me in. She rubbed my cock along her labia and then gingerly placed it at the gateway to heaven, my sister's love channel. I closed my eyes in bliss and in anticipation. I could feel warm wet velvety tunnel engulfing my cock slowly and slowly. I wanted this feeling to last for ever. If I had to even die at that moment I would not have any regrets.

With my eyes closed my whole body feeling the exquisite joy making love to my sister, I mumbled, "It feels so good... great .... I wish it lasts for a thousand years ..... I feel I am in heaven..... Didi, it feels so good ..... you really know how to fuck. I would not mind if I die now... while I am inside you... I am inside you didi.... Feel me... I am there .... Deep inside my loving and lovely sister......"

She bent down and kissed me lightly on my eyelids, my forehead very lovingly. Her affections reflected in her touch. She held my face and brought down her mouth to mine and gave me a soulful kiss. We remain locked like that. Our lips glued to each other, my cock inside her pussy. My naughty hands worming their ways to her hanging breasts. She rotated her hips to make my cock fit in properly. She shook her hips and then descended completely with my cock fully embedded in her. She bent forward and her breasts smashed against my chest. As madly we started kissing each other, her pelvis started moving up and down. The friction of her tight pussy was bringing in a sensation of joy I never felt in my life. Her well trained and highly practiced cunt muscles were milking my cock tightly. She knew how to tighten her vaginal wall around my cock and it took me to the seventh heaven. I reached for the hanging breasts of my sister and started playing with them. I was fondling her large hanging boobs and pinching her nipples and rotating them.

My sister increased her tempo. As she raised herself, she tightened her vaginal wall, giving my cock tight friction and as she descended, she had her pussy relaxed. Her juice was flowing freely and my cock was slick with her juice. Her tempo increased and she went on like a bucking bronco riding a horse. And I started responding to her movements by raising my cock in unison as she came down on my cock. We got into a perfect rhythm. She was too adept at adjusting her movement to any situation and any cock of any size. My cock fitted tightly in her pussy and we started together now, in a flurry. I was sometimes squeezing her breasts and sometimes, holding her big butts helping her in moving up and down. When I have a hard push, "I am coming didi..." I announced. She again bent forward, kissed me on my lips and smashed her breasts on my chest; and was grinding her pelvis making my cock go in and out fast.

With one mighty push, I entered right unto her hilt and saw my cock completely buried in her, and it jerked feverishly. My whole body tensed up, and I could feel my semen going out through my cock and splashing her inside depths. She was rotating her pelvis and squeezing my cock with all her force with her vaginal muscles. As the first spurt entered her pussy, she again went straight and went up and down on my cock one last time and then rested her pelvis on my cock. As my cock continued spurting its juice in her pussy, her two hands reached her back. One cupped my balls hard, trying to squeeze out all my sperm and the other suddenly entered my asshole, which was wet with her secretions flowing down. I had learnt to relax my sphincter from the previous encounter. Her attack on my asshole made my cock even harder and I felt it growing still bigger inside her cunt. She manipulated her finger inside my ass thus massaging my prostate, and squeezing my balls -- and I had now blown all my semen in her pussy. I gave one final push timing with the last spurt and was panting for breath with my mouth open.

She too ground her pelvis and held me tight and announced..... " I am also coming with you... again...."

"I gave you all my semen which was stored in me all these years didi. I love you. You are the best fuck I ever had." I said earnestly.

She kissed me lovingly bending forward and without disengaging herself lied on me.

We were caressing each other and were lying like that for a while. Both spent, drained, happy and content.

I was leisurely playing with her tits and my other hand was moving over her butts. My cock was still semi-hard and inside her pussy. My fingers felt her rose bud asshole and massaged it.

"I heard anal sex is the most exciting for a man," I inquired. "I never had a chance to do it."

"Most men find it that way as anus is very tight and fits very snugly on the cock. In fact, no one can last long in ass, they all come quickly. But it can be painful for the lady if she is not experienced." She remarked.

"But you are quite experienced in anal sex, and I could feel how easily my fingers got in". I replied.

"Yes, I am quite used to anal sex and can relax my sphincter easily. I get anal orgasms if my clit is massaged simultaneously. But it has to be lubricated first. Not everyone licks it and makes it lubricated with saliva. Secondly, saliva dries up quickly too. It is better to apply Vaseline and then perform anal sex. I prefer that way." She continued, "when I get cornholed, I want my clit to be played with. Its with clitoral stimulation I reach my orgasm when I am having anal sex." She said in a matter-of-fact tome.

"What about blow-job? How do you find it? Does it excite a lady or it is only for the man's pleasure." I asked sincerely.

"The recipient is always having fun. When you suck me, that is cunnilingus, I get orgasm very quickly and the orgasms are very intense. The same is for the man too. A sixty nine serves for both. And I have seen if a man's prostate is massaged when he comes, for which I usually poke my finger into his asshole and press forward to press on the prostate, the man comes like a geyser." She was sharing with me her knowledge and I was getting practical and theory lessons in sex.

My cock was getting harder in my sisters cunt now and was now filling her fully. She could feel it and started moving her pelvis slowly backward and forward. "Your cock does not seem to deflate..." she laughed.

"When I am inside the sexiest lady, and enjoying a taboo relation; it is making me so excited, even the mere thought that I am making love to my sister is keeping my cock hard; and you are so sexy and sensuous and know how to please a man so well, that there is no chance my cock will go limp ever. I am sure if you walk by a morgue, the cocks of the dead and buried men also will stand up..." I laughed.

I was now jerking my pelvis from below. But this time, I thought of taking the initiatives. I held her by her shoulder and turned her and placed her on the bed, she was lying on her side. I pushed her onto her stomach, and now she was lying on her stomach with her ass up in the middle of the large bed.

I lied by her side and raised my leg and put it across her hips, my cock resting on her butts. I started playing with her butts and traced a line from her pussy applying a little pressure right unto her butt hole. Soon later, I climbed down a bit so that my face was on her butts. I placed my face on her ass, my nose getting into the crack of her ass and I started licking her entire butt crack. I licked her golden butts and massaged her thighs and cupped her pussy. While cupping her pussy, I licked her butt hole, and started sucking on it. I was putting as much saliva as my mouth secreted into her butt hole and was probing her butt hole with my tongue. As the assault of my tongue continued on her butt hole, my sister spread her legs giving me full access to her pucker, knowing what was in my mind. Seeing her butt hole all lubricated I entered one finger, and this time, it just opened up. I was encouraged and pushed in three fingers straightaway. Her butt went rigid, but soon she relaxed. I took some more saliva on my palm and put it on my rod. As her sphincter opened up, I got up on my knees placing my knees on either side of her thighs and pointed the tip of my cock at beautiful brown star of her anus.

"Go slow; remember rectum does not have secretions like vagina." She cautioned.

I pushed slowly but firmly and saw my bulbous glans disappearing in her butt as her sphincter relaxed letting me in.

It was tight as a vice. Her ass caught my cock in an iron grip and it was so warm, so tight and so incredibly naughty. I was beyond myself.

"Didi, this is the best....... No wonder one cannot hold on for long in such a tight fuck-hole. You are fantastic Didi and your ass is so tight, yet so receptive. It is better than even making love to your pussy." Sis raised her pelvis allowing me to go in. I could not control myself, and pushed hard. She screamed, but by then, my cock was buried deep in her rectum. I stopped there allowing her time to relax.

I slowly raised my pelvis bringing out cock right unto the mushroom head and then slowly entered again. Very carefully, not to hurt her, I started thrusting in and out as slowly and tenderly as I could and I remembered what she told me earlier -- I was cupping her pussy and fingering her clit.

She tried to crawl on her abdomen towards the side box of the bed, and I went with her as if she was carrying me on her back. She opened the drawer and took out a cylindrical object -- a pink transparent mid-sized vibrator. It had a base below where there was a switch. She held it in her hand and took it towards her pussy. She found it difficult to put it in her pussy. I took it from her, she understood and complied by raising her pelvis, this caused my cock to get completely buried in her ass, and I could meanwhile maneuver the dildo into her pussy. I switched it on and it started off with a buzzing noise.

The switch of the vibrator possibly ignited some switch in my elder sister. She started humping against the dildo and simultaneously letting me hump her asshole. Her sphincter relaxed and tightened alternatively. What she had earlier prophesied was coming true -- no one could last long in her ass without coming... I reached under her armpit to play with one of her breasts as with other I was pushing the dildo into her cunt. I filled her cunt right unto the cervix with the dildo, and simultaneously increased my tempo.

I could not take it any more. I fell on her, my cock still in her rectum, and nuzzled my face at her neck kissing her and fondling her breasts from both side. She was rubbing her pelvis against the bed, to keep the dildo in place and I was going in and out of her tight asshole.

"Didi... there I am... coming in your tight asshole. ..... This is the best place to deposit my cum.... I want my cum to get lost inside your body ... in your tightest hole.... The most pleasure giving orifice of your body... take me in Didi.... Take my cum.... OHHhh .... Aa hhh .... I am ... coming......." And my cock erupted like volcano hot lava in my sweet sister's glorious asshole. As I was coming, she started whimpering. Her hand reached below and she caught hold of her dildo and was pushing it in and out rapidly. And then her body stiffened under me as my last drops squirted into her rectum. She clutched the bed sheet with her hand and bit into the pillow. I gave her breasts a hard squeeze and both signaled a mutual orgasm and collapsed on the bed side by side. I pushed my arm under her neck bringing her head onto my shoulder. She rested her head on my shoulder and caressed my hairy chest and, exhausted, satisfied, and satiated -- we slept.


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